Self Muscle Testing Workshop

for nutrition and self awareness


A live and interactive workshop for those interested in discovering a unique, Self-Style Muscle Testing for Nutritional Reward, response.

Recently we have been contacted by several students interested in knowing how to singly use muscle testing for foods and nutrition.  Some are Athletes, Housewives, Students of Touch for Health, it really doesn’t matter who you are. For this reason we have been compelled to abide by your requests and put together for you a fun, skilled workshop where by you can adopt the skill to test yourself.  Through our workshop…


Here are just a few of the topics we will be covering

  • Become sensitive to 3 possible methods of testing yourself. This way you will have the easiest option available to you.
  • Learn to work with foods in conjunction with the  “Five Element Meridian”
  • Learn to test for foods that stress your system and take energy away

Refine the process

  • Be accurate in testing yourself after all you want the best answer
  • The single most important overlooked point when testing for nutrition…
    Take advantage of your bodies knowledge, with what you can/cannot combine
  • Identify the nutrient that will do the best job for you
  • Answer for yourself “how much/how often and how long.”

Bonus worth its weight in gold:

  • Discover the trick to reducing “lactic acid” causing pain in muscles after exercising. Yes, for you our athletes, something more you may not know.


If you take careful notes and apply what you learn in this workshop you may,   just represent the turning point in your health wealth, and happiness.    Register Now:
Self Muscle Testing and Nutrition Workshop