K-Power® Kinesiology | Basic or Psych and Energy Series

Five Element Fundamentals Workshop

K-Power®’s Five Element Fundamentals – Basic or
Body/Mind Version (combining emotional work)

This 2 day – 16 hour workshop contains K-Power®’s basic principles that assist in improving muscle circuitry, balance and flexibility. Packed with a large amount of useful information that includes five foundational skills which enables you to apply manual muscle-testing knowledge to your specialty area.

Use of the 5 Element Meridian Theory which supports to make speedy, dramatic shifts in pain, tension and energy that power ones muscles, improve posture and general well-being, is integrated into this workshop. You’ll also discover how to increase capillary flow of blood and lymph in “site specific regions”… dissolving muscle knots more quickly to easily improve function, range of motion and that means “saving your hands from overwork”.

Practicing these patterns will allow you to “be more prepared” for advanced skills that complete K-Power® Kinesiology’s requirements for higher level classes…that you’ll discover in future workshops.

If you enjoy working smarter, more holistically, not harder, you’ll love this course!


By Now,  you may be asking, what
is the  difference between the 2 versions
of Five Element Fundamentals


Manual Therapy Version

Simply stated both workshops are similar in nature… the only difference is the Five Element Fundamentals – Basic Version  is For You the Massage Therapist or Manual Therapy Therapist.  It follows to  include  muscle correction techniques through the stimulation of specific receptors using 5 different techniques tailored to each muscle.


The Energy and Psychology Version –
for the body/mind therapist
or personal home use

The Energy and Psychology Version combines tools for  self application and/or for clinical use by body/mind therapists. You learn 5 basic muscle corrections, and a unique technique to release emotional stress. As an extra it includes a powerful acupressure technique used For Chronic Pain Relief.


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