K-POWER® Core Muscles
and Advanced Techniques

Duration: 2 Days

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Core Muscles and Advanced Techniques in   Kinesiology

Back pain is a common side effect when the core muscles are weak or not in balance. People who work their rectus abdominis with crunches but fail to strengthen their transverse abdominals, for example, commonly experience lower back pain. Back pain is common because so many muscles have to contract and relax to allow a person to stand and move.

The Learning Outcomes…

…In this practical, hands-on workshop you will learn three core techniques that you can apply to every muscle you test in the future: muscle stretch response (myo-fascial); sustained muscle use; and hidden muscle failure. You will also develop skill and understanding in evaluating and balancing muscle energy imbalances in the 13 core muscles of the torso. You will then build on this knowledge by learning the More Mode, surrogate muscles, the circuit retaining mode, the important principle of muscle reactivity and how to correct reactive muscles “the missing link” in therapy.

These Advanced Core Muscle Techniques can assist with:

  • Improving muscle, neural and myo-fascial communication
  • Increase in circulation
  • Increase in range of motion
  • Reduce the possibility of strain, and tearing
  • Promote Speedy Recovery of injured tissue
  • Increase Stamina
  • Greatly Reduce Pain in minutes
  • Frees restriction and promotes increased function of joint mobility
  • Increase the rate of force a muscle can generate
  • Generate longer lasting results


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