K-Power® | The Knee Ankle And Foot Protocol Workshop

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Prerequisite: both 5 Element Fundamentals, and the Core Muscles Workshop
: Up To 9 hours Of Instuction

Alternative Knee Treatment

The Knee Joint is an unstable, complex joint.  Because there is no deep depression on the top of the tibia, it is relatively easy for the tibia to slip out of the normal articular position.  Shinsplints is a colloquial term.  People complaining of “shinsplints” may have been given this ‘diagnosis’ for a range of conditions, including tibial fractures, muscle tears, and inflammation of the shin fascia.  The energy model of K-Power® avoids this confusion.

In these workshops we discover how to balance the energy in this situation by using specific reflex correction, and techniques that are unique to our field,  in order to gain much desired free range of motion and reduce pain. If indicated a K-Power® Practioner will also attend to any emotions and nutritonal stress that may be involved.


How do I learn to do this?

All of these ideas and a lot more are developed fully in K-Power®’s Knee, Ankle and Foot Program. Me along with other K-Power® trainees to have  exceeding success in facilitating speedy results and  resolve  and restore mechanics for happy referring clients… how would it feel? Imagine your clients lining up at your clinic door, for the same grateful results.

Get Your Clients Back Into The Swing Of Things Quickly With K-Power® Protocols for the Ankle and Foot in the same workshop



Ankle Pain Causes, Treatment and Preventionankle imbalance

Rupture of the Achilles tendon is another common athletic injury affecting the ankle.Complete rupture is usually treated with surgery followed by a long recovery period. By using K-Power® reflexes and attending to the emotional component of the injury (both before and after surgery) recovery time can be significantly reduced. In Achilles tendonitis the tendon becomes inflamed and painful and can take weeks to settle. With K-Power® Advanced Protocols problems like this can in many cases be more easily subdued.

Foot Pain, Causes, Treatment and Prevention with K-Power® Kinesiology

With the foot many problems can occur and a common one is Planter Fascitis (“itis” commonly referring to inflamation), limiting the mechanics of the Foot. Perhaps with the present techniques you are just trying to help as best as you can.

But this is something you have heard before and you already know that your intent is to make your clients happier. The techniques you use to affect the greatest results, will give you the desired effect which people really want and this is complete satisfaction. The issue is about how you can do this in a controlled, specific fashion that the leads to this particular direction. The direction you want to go in. To do this you must think about how K-Power® in a strategic way, has the final answer people are looking for. Speedier, More Profound Longer-lasting Results and for you this means less work.

If you would like to learn how to do this then the one place that you will find that information is through our K-Power® Workshops.

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