K-Power® Kinesiology | The Shoulder and Arm Protocol

Shoulder and Arm Workshop

Is also an accredited course through the
College of Massage Therapists of British ColumbiaCEU’s Available


Prerequisite: 5 Element Fundamentals and Core Muscles and techniques

Shoulder Pain Clinic

Shoulder Pain – Rotatator Cuff Injury and Common Shoulder  Challenges

The Joints of the Hip are held together firmly by strong ligaments, the shoulder joint however is less stable as it is held together by muscles, that when not functioning properly can cause shoulder pain or more serious injury can result.

The purpose of this shoulder and arm kinesiology workshop…

…is to develop skill and understanding in evaluating and balancing muscle energy imbalances in the 22 muscles of the shoulder girdle to provide such an alternative for clients. Learning to recognize significant clues that clients give such as “I’m shouldering my burdens” can be a very effective pathway to client management. The course therefore works with not only the physical but also the mental, emotional and metaphysical aspects of shoulder problems.


Alternatives to Shoulder stiffness, pain, and restricted range of motion with favourable results

Although not intended to be an alternative to medical attention many favor the benefits of our K-Power® Kinesiology Protocols as their choice and for it’s  reported… speedier  results and… it often works…and It’s that simple! Consider K-Power® Kinesiology  in helping others with the  reduction and or relief of pain and stiffness from overuse.


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