K-Power® Mastery of Emotional Stress Release
(Mind Body Series) for “
The Hero’s Journey”


Prerequisite: 5 Element Fundamentals -Psych, Stress Release Made Easy
Duration: 2 days


Imagine how more empowered you would be if you actually knew 20 different Ways to handle various Challenging Situations?

What would you do?
How would your life be influenced?
How would other’s lives in your circle be influenced?
What would you want?


Mastery of Emotional Stress Release your… “Heroes Journey” goes beyond just simple stress release and meditative skills or self-help books that may be taught in other courses, and is a very specific way to address different challenging states of concern, past and present circumstances, and future problems all detailed in a specific manner for you in this 2 day Workshop.

No other single bodymind relationship course has ever adopted a whole person approach and made available this many resources packed in a 2 day period. It is available here now.

With These Must Have 20 Skills and Resources



·Be Encouraged

·Be Motivated

·Be More Efficient

·Be More Desirable

·Profit in Surprising Ways from Your New Found Knowledge

This Workshop Breaks Limiting Beliefs
and Opens Up New Awareness Solutions Of Your Design

·Eliminate Persuasive Emotions that bind you

·Eliminate Pain, Worry, Rejection

·Eliminate Struggling so much

The principles in this workshop are ground breaking, 2 of these skills in particular are worth their weight in gold find out which ones they are. Techniques are based on various aspects of Kinesiological approaches as taught in the ICPKP Diploma Program, therapeutic NLP, and acupoint pressure points for the body aspect that assists with acupuncture meridian release of emotions.

You will learn what Mind Body Healing is using the “whole person approach” , in particular how to tap into the power of the mind for yourself or pass on this information in very simple ways to your clients if you are a clinician in any field of therapy, both conventional and complimentary.

This information will either help you or provide the tools to assist when you choose to overcome specific challenges as outlined in this workshop or to communicate this to your clients as a health provider.


Consent That it Will Be You That Benefits. Why? Because…
Without These Resources and Skills You Simply
Cannot Be Empowered in the Long Run

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It’s the best material available to you from sources that would require years and lengthy study to attain, packed neatly in this 2 day intensive and experiential workshop.