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Stress Release Made Easy Workshop

Transforming the little challenges in life; plain and simple

We have all been through those telling moments in our lives when, due to a crisis of some kind and possibly out of our control, we are momentarily unable to see where we have lost sight of what really is significant to our cause and  we become bound in stress.


Stress Release Made Easy is the stepping stone, the world in our hands workshop,  to living an unbound life which helps us to discover what we cannot see, release it, transform it and let it go.


What will I learn?
This 6 – 8 hour workshop  helps you discover  the effects of different stages of stress and how to better adapt to it using simple yet powerful techniques to overcome quickly.  Manage stress better!

Stress Release Made Easy makes use of skills which can also be used in preparation for performance, meetings, public speeches, and  test taking, or to enhance creative visualization for you to achieve better outcomes now and in the future.


Who can benefit?
All are welcomed to attend including teenagers




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