K-Power® for Counsellors and Coaches

Use the Power of “Choice and Transformation” to Help Your Clients Succeed
Duration: 3 day workshop
Prerequisite: none





K-Power® for Counselors and Coaches workshop have long been a clandestine tool in the cache of Professional Kinesiology Practitioners and never publicized for years. And if you’ve read this article this far, there’s an excellent chance you’re interested in using the same tools and techniques that has effected “powerful choice and transformation” in the lives of many around the world.  To make it much more and effective.


These over 20 significant and powerful strategies  are now available to established coaches and counselors in a new resource called K-Power® for Counselors and Coaches. Everything you need to cause your clients to contact you for better results.  Register Now For The Next Available Workshop Hear >>  Coaching Workshops

  • What Can I Expect to Gain From This Training?
    Create Excitement
    with powerful methods of stress release you can
    teach your clients to use for home support
  • Help clients Find Creativity with lateral thinking techniques
  • Learn Powerful Problem Solving Technique
  • Shift Easily; Beliefs and Experiences
    from the past to make leaps and bounds in the future
  • Find New Resources for current and former unhappiness or  fear
  • Show Clients Simple Techniques to Control Perpetual Worry
  • Gain Distance from distressing events or fear of rejection
  • Make Changes More Tangible with perceptual Symbolic Encapsulation
  • Reach for Wisdom through the analogy of an older wiser self

When You Master K-Power® for Counselors and Coaches -3 day workshop and use it in your practice you’ll notice a marked increase in response – and results for you and your client! Really. Experience higher transformation and response value like you’ve never experienced before.

Workshop Outline with full details Available

*If you are inspired and would like us to
facilitate a group class in your area
we would be more than happy to
accomodate you.


  • K-Power® Kinesiology Workshops are Eligble
    for continued competency credits through the
    Natural Health Practitioners of Canada – NHPC
    under the title of: Specialized Kinesiology


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