K-Power® Kinesiology | Personology-Instinctual Behavior Series Workshops


Your Face Is Talking to Me…Part 1

Your Face is Talking to Me Again… Part 2


When facing a situation you can barely imagine, let alone understand, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to simply understand another in their style so you can both achieve specific outcomes.

K-Power®’s most appealing workshop in transpersonal relationships walks you through a wealth of information in unearthing what makes people “tick”… and what you could say to possibly…


…and help someone move through a challenge with ease. You will know all this with just a glance at what their face has to reveal about their personality and behavioral traits.

Offered in two Instructional formats accommodating both the Business Professional and the Therapist… the latter to become more exciting and observable as you read on to Part 3 at the bottom of the page.


The Business Version is an information only workshop for Realtors, Salespeople and Customer Service Personnel , Counselors, Life Coaches, Teachers and even Mom and Dad which speaks to those who could benefit from Knowing at a glance if who you are in communication with is:



  • The Self Reliant type or do they need approval and feedback
  • Is a person sensitive to his/her Environment or tolerant in nature
  • Inward focused and Plans things out or outward focused and generous in nature
  • Analytical, Investigative type who can easily take direct action or is less this way
  • Reluctant to draw attention to themselves,  Innovative or prefers attention


Curious Minds Want to Know how to…


  • Be More influential in getting that sale
  • Reach your partner so they understand you better
  • Encourage your child to achieve his/her best
  • Facilitate your patient/client more easily into a more successful outcome
  • Create better rapport  by approaching others on their level of understanding
  • Coach your client with more ease
  • Learn about yourself and what makes you “tick”
  • Improve client interest


How?…By understanding a person’s inherited instinctual profile directly from their face…(What is their Face Telling Me) and with K-Power®’s Instinctual Behavior and Personology Series Workshop. It’s that simple.

The Benefits

…You’ll Discover 20 behavioral traits revealed to you through facial distinctions to  aid you in the inherited kinetics of the mind…kinetic meaning what moves a person.  As you already know the nature of your client and what could make or break a sale… without having to guess you can decisively reach the best approach when making your presentation.  The sales techniques you have learned in the past may speak to one person and not another…you’ll learn to understand people on their level in order to be a more successful persuasion master.  The person you could be looking to hire may not be the best for the job and not even know it themselves… know who is the best for the job. The coach or teacher can better direct their client or student into greater results by understanding their natural behavioral instincts and utilizing their strengths and resources.

Through K-Power®’s
Your Face is Talking To Me Workshops


  • Discover What you could ask, what you could say
  • Notice what stresses you and what stresses them
  • Learn about Processing Styles – how does someone process information presented to them
  • Become aware of understanding others on another level…build positive relationships
  • Pre-assess, Read, what the face is saying to you so that you can be better prepared for your presentation
  • Optimize Communication and Understanding


How are these 2 workshop delivered?

The 20 behavioral traits are delivered to you over  2 days -16 hours of informational training in what could be the “missing piece” of your understanding the nature of interpersonal relationships…so you can be more effective and on purpose in life.  The 2 day training includes Part 1 and Part 2 Your Face is Talking to Me and Your Face is Talking to Me Again.


    Become More Skilled in Using This information As a Therapist With:

    Your Face Is Talking to Me. Part 3 Workshop
    (please enquire)


    Those seeking professional certification and credentialing from the K-Power®
    workshops should note these workshops are eligible for Continued Competency Credits
    through NHPC and fall under the heading of Specialized Kinesiology. Part 3 must be
    completed to quality.  The workshops are delivered by Certified K-Power® Instructor Allice Becher.

    Associations interested in more information on workshop options please contact us


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