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What is Touch For Health? 


Touch for Health is a complimentary, natural health care system, and an effective way to manage stress, reduce mental/emotional stress and physical pain and tension, without the need for medication.  It draws together from various holistic traditions, such as chiropractics, naturopathy, osteopathy and particularly the energetic model of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to treat the body as a whole.  

This holistic approach not only helps to relieve pain and the stresses of everyday life,
but works with your lifestyle to promote well-being, relieve and manage stress,
and enhance energy in a safe and effective way.



The Touch for Health system was borne from the late Dr John Thie, whose goal and passion was to put health back into the hands of the individual. His book has been translated into 20 different languages and the Touch for Health System is being taught in over 100 countries. Touch for Health courses are standardized and recognized as the founding training tools in the field of Specialized Kinesiology. The system puts the keys to optimum health, relief from pain and suffering, and enhanced energy and vitality into your hands. Take charge of your life with Touch for Health!



About the classes



Touch for Health instructional classes are taught in 4 levels, totalling 60 hours.


Kinetica Movementsalso offers a 3-hour orientation class in selected areas, introducing students to the work in Specialized Kinesiology. This introductory class allows students to become familiar with the workbook and course content and to prepare for the program prior to the class sessions, leaving more time for learning during the Level 1 session.



Interactive workshops allow at least 75% of the time to be spent in demonstrations and practical work. This leaves plenty of time to try your new skills with the other students, giving you the confidence to work with others when you get home!



Learn With Confidence


Whether you are interested in acquiring the Touch For Health System for personal use… enhance an existing practice… or just want to come out and have fun… these instructional classes are for you.


At Kinetica Movements we value your learning and at present are one of the few and perhaps the only Instructor who offers the course through a colorful and detailed PowerPoint Presentation to clearly accommodate the visual learner. Your Instructor Allice Becher has many years of professional experience in  teaching this program to Registered Massage Therapists, Dentists, Nurses, Osteopaths, Coaches and Counselors and even the General Public. All of which are more than happy with her training and presentation.





“I am inspired and motivated further in my growth as a health practitioner of over 20 years by the TFH classes I enrolled in earlier this year taught by Allice Becher.

Allice has a kind and warm heart that allows any student, in my opinion, to learn and understand the concept and application of TFH. She brings further gems to the course that I greatly appreciate.”

Georgio Trimarchi
B.A, RMT, D.O.(MP),Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Toronto Ontario



  • Offers Resources to manage stress both at home and at work

  • Improve your Posture

  • Relieve physical pain and tension

  • Contributes to changing attitudes and negative behaviour

  • Assists to Enhance Brain Function

  • Boost your concentration, using brain coordination exercises

  • Empowers you to help yourself and take control of your own health

  • Increase your Energy and Vitality






If you would like to pursue Touch for Health for your own professional practice, there are 4 levels of instruction designed for you, each taught over a two day weekend.

Upon successful completion of each level of Touch for Health participants receive a certificate of attendance from the International Kinesiology College (IKC) a non-profit organization with members throughout Canada . On completion of the Touch for Health synthesis you will be eligible to write a proficiency exam and upon qualification you receive a proficiency certificate from the International Kinesiology College (IKC), which entitles you to use the TFH name and logo in your practice.


Host A Class In Your Area



Classes are taught in Langley, Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford as well as the entire province of B.C. Canada. We also travel across Canada to Alberta and Ontario.  If you would like to host a class in your area please contact us and recieve your tuition for free when you secure 8-10 students per level.  Out of town classes are taught in two sections…TFH Levels 1,2 and TFH Levels 3,4. Introductory Class is only for the Langley, B.C. area and forms part of Level 1.
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