Touch for Health TherapistTouch for Health Level 1

Prerequisite: None
Duration: 16 hours

In this Touch for Health class, students learn about the corrolation between muscles and their related meridians. You will discover how to test muscles for imbalance  and employ several types of muscle correction methods to balance the bodies many  energy circuits. The class covers topics concerning the body, mind, and emotions. You also  learn emotional stress release techniques, heighten your postural awareness, and learn how to use food and nutrition to build strength.  We offer many integrated wellness solutions, via our Touch For Health program that will leave you with plenty of different methods to affect change on the physical, mental/emotional and biochemical (nutrition) levels of awareness.


At the end of Touch For Health Level 1 Students will be able to:

  • Understand the Chinese concept of energy in the body
  • Evaluate energy imbalances on the 14 major acupuncture meridians
  • Demonstrate Proficiency of Accurate Muscle Assesment Testing on 14 muscles
  • Relieve Mental/Emotional Stress to enhance coordination and
    sensory awareness
  • Learn Easily a range of techniques to balance the bodies energy meridians,
    posture and muscles
  • Increase Flow through various reflexes and to increase capilary flow
    of blood and lymph in site specific areas
  • Coordinate, Tone, Strengthen and Lengthen through the use  of
    Muscle Proprioception Techniques
  • Enhance Body Performance with Nutrition
  • Have Fun Learning

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