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Touch for Health Level 2

Up to 16 hours

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Prerequisite: Touch for Health 1

This Level II Touch for Health Class will take you deeper in expanding your skills, understanding, and ability, building on what you learned in Level I. You will be introduced to additional methods to regain, maintain, and improve personal health; learn principles of Chinese Five Elements for improving energy and body balance; quick pain relief techniques; and so much more. Take it to the next level of Touch for Health.

At the end of Level 2 Touch for Health Students will be able to:


  • Use new techniques and address energy imbalances quickly
  • Understand The Chinese Five elements used for
    improving energy and balance in the body
  • Learn 14 new muscles to balance the posture
  • Alarm Points –  meridian imbalance
  • gain deeper Meridian understanding and use new
    acupuncture meridian techniques to strengthen
  • Enhance future performance using new stress release skills
  • Benefit from new pain relief techniques
  • Use Specific integrative movements to improve coordination
    and learning skill
  • Use Advanced nutrition skills  “Sensitivity Testing”
  • Perform Five Elements Balancing Procedure


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