Touch for Health Level 3

Up to 16 hours

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Prerequisite: Touch for Health 2

Postural Awareness And Kinetic Movement
Releasing Long-Standing Pain


In Level 3 Touch for Health, we are refining the process and putting it together. Add to your knowledge skills and methods of correcting imbalance  in muscles used in activities and sports. Learn to attend to  long-standing pain and release engaged painful muscles quickly and easily without the need for massage. You will also learn to identify and diffuse emotions related to past trauma and upgrade postural awareness and kinetic movement.

As soon as you discover the ease with which you can relieve many pains you’ll feel great that you put in so much effort into learning Touch for Health now so that you can help yourself and…your family…or use these techniques in your clinic to help your patients/clients.



At the end of Touch for Health Level III, students will be able to:

  • Understand muscles facilitation and inhibition for ease of
    performance “an approach often neglected”
  • Use techniques on 14 additional muscles to enhance postural awareness and movement
  • Balance the muscles used in walking, running, and sports
  • Identify and diffuse emotions related to past trauma
  • Use new techniques to help relieve different types of pain
  • Understand the use of colour and food to bring the body
    into dynamic balance
  • Introduction to Muscle Reactivity Correction “the missing link in therapy”


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