Touch for Health Level 4

Up to 16 hours of training

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Prerequisite: Touch for Health 3

Pain love it, or leave it behind
Pain Management Techniques

Level 4 Touch for Health  introduces you to a few more  fundamental techniques that assist in balancing various physical stressors some associated with Five Element Theory;  Everyone at one time or another suffers from various pain including back pain discover  how to relieve and manage functional pain through  other added factors and possibly achieve longer lasting pain relief for a loved one or patient/client.


Level IV   is the class where all your Touch for Health applied rescources “come together”.

Students often ask us…how do I put all this material together? As you specifically make the decision to join in our class, we will assist you in mastering the how to. By now, you will also see that accurate positioning assists with accurate testing, which is why it’s highly recommended that you complete the level. In addition we offer a special price package for repeat students… Feel Happy to know that this class offers extensive review assisting you to Feel Confident.  Find these stress strategies for success and… Register for the Touch for Health Program today.

Touch for Health Level 4
New Techniques, Review, Consolidation

  • Review Level 3 reactive muscle patterns and
    Five Element Meridian Balancing
  • Introduction to figure 8 energy technique-
    used specifically for inflamatory pain conditions
    or broken bones
  • Functional use of Lou Points
  • Postural Analysis
  • Postural Stress Release
  • Sound Balancing
  • Highly Recommended Review of all Muscle Tests –
    42 Muscles Head to Toe Standing
    42 Muscles Head to Toe Prone and Supine

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