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Sessions Available from 1 to 1½ hours
by appointment only

At Kinetica Movements your natural path to wellness, our uplifting inspirational  services are designed with a focus on positive outcomes and results.  At our clinic you will find a proven health improvement system to meet the outcome you seek. The diversity of what we offer through our services here at our clinic is uniquely qualified and positioned to support you in a safe, comfortable atmosphere.




  • Dealing with the Source of Pain Not the Symptom of Pain
  • Facilitating the Healing Powers of the Innate Nature Within
  • Improving Health, Body and Mind Holistically
  • Understanding, Hearing, Caring


Some of the services we provide include:


  • Postural Stress Release  and Pain
  • Muscle Balancing
  • Pain Management for Chronic Tension and Pain
  • Dynamic Integration of -Postural Reflexes – (Masgotova Method)
  • Acupressure Touch without the use of needles
  • Neuro -Lymphatic Massage
  • Profound Release of, pain, tension & speedy recovery
  • Enhanced Exercise-Improvement
  • Body Management –
    – Visceral, Hiatal Hernia, Pubic Bone – Cranial/Sacral articulation
  • Nutritional Stress Testing

Mind/Body and Extras

  • Emotional Pain and Stress Release
  • Sabotage Release
  • Structural Balancing
  • Overcoming Allergies
  • Shock and Trauma Resolution
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Fast Fear and Phobia Release
  • Therapeutic NLP

Performance and Sports Enhancement • Sound Resonance  • Color Light Enrichment


What would your life be like if you found the “one multidisciplinary protocols” that will turn your problems around?

It is human nature to want to know more… so today as you are making your decision to come and visit our clinic… perhaps you will also like to learn more about the various models of alternatives we offer…Visit >>

Specialized Kinesiology Therapies


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Allice Becher is the sole proprietor of Kinetica Movements

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All Sessions Are By Appointment Only

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