Consistent long drawn out uncertainty,  pain and stress can have a dramatic dampening effect on the human spirit and result in illness. Suddenly people are saying that stress release and pain relief modality’s and techniques are no longer enough, if at all.  However, those seeking treatment through our clinic will often say,  ” Ive tried everything, this is the first time I have been free of my pain and or discomfort.”   As a result many now confidently turn to the remarkable effects of Specialized Kinesiology that we offer here at our clinic so that you can improve resilience and dramatically reduce pain and stress quickly and effectively.

What do others have to say about this effective method of treatment experienced at our clinic?


 Our Testimonials

Osteopath Resolves Internal Conflict

I have had the opportunity to be treated by Allice. She brings her
intuitive skills with her technical knowledge and vast experience to
assist me to achieve a greater understanding of myself and to help
me  resolve my internal distractions to improve my health. Allice
is a trusting  individual that would give her full attention to anyone
that she would treat.

Georgio Trimarchi, B.A, RMT, D.O.(MP)
RMT, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, Energy Therapist



Good Results with Speedy Recovery

I Need, to tell you that the healing modality Specialized Kinesiology
has greatly improved my life. Many times I have had to Call Allice
Becher to help me with various work related accidents and
muscular pains, always with good results. Even though Allice is in
demand at times, she is always available for me when I call, and always
says “Come See Me Now”… I really appreciate Alice’s dedication for
my well-being….I feel happy to have found Allice
Laura P. Langley, B.C.

My Own Shocking Story – Allice Becher

Several years ago, after a 2 year long stretch of horrific gastro-intestinal and
structural pain,  I met a man in my field. I agreed to allow him to work on me.
I was in
complete and total disbelief when I stood up off his table and
all the pain shot out of me.  It was dramatic, amazing and shocking to me.
No other therapy or medication I had received up to this point could touch
that pain or release me from it.  I now Practice and Teach the work.

Allice Becher, Your Kinesiology Clinic  Practitioner, Teacher  and Instructor

Kinetica Movements Kinesiology Clinic
“your holistic path to wellness”