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You are looking through this webpage for more information about Specialized Kinesiology (SK) and the various descriptions of models of kinesiology that fall under the umbrella of SK. The various applications of SK techniques you can notice below, delve into connecting you to the multi dimensional resources of therapy that fall under this one umbrella and that Allice Becher offers at her clinic. Although we wanted to list all our available resources and models of Kinesiology we use within…we chose to only list those that fall under various areas of need for most people. So let’s get you to where you want to go fast.


Kinetica Movements….is the clinic you can call your own and call on to meet your needs. By now! you may have sensed that it is a place where…We Hear You, Notice and Care as each and every one of our clients is important to us!


K-Power® was developed from the PKP International’s ICPKP Diploma Program to make some of this material more readily available to other practitioners. It is an extensive series of self-development, and professional use workshops covering not only the physical level, but dealing also with mental/emotional and spiritual aspects of a person. The manual therapy series which is the Structural component, is based on the Applied Kinesiology model and deals with several aspects of muscle imbalance affecting joints, fascia, tendons and ligaments and complements all other kinesiology systems around.
 Only a person who has completed all 4 levels of PKP training in the old format or completed the ICPKP Diploma proam is qualified to call themselves a Professional Kinesiology Practioner. Ensure that your practitioner is a fully qualified PKP Practitoner.


Touch for Health Kinesiology  

Allice Becher holds a proficiency certificate, and an International Teachers Instructors certificate, in what is known as the foundational model that all other Kinesiology models sprang from. Touch for Health is a therapy on its own right, and complete in nature, covering, Structural/Physical, Mental/Emotional, Nutrition/biochemical and all balances are goal oriented. 


Stress Indicator Point System: 

Developed by Ian Stubbings S.I.P.S points are acupoints that access specific stress of many natures. It access, fascia, tendons, muscles ligaments and works to the very depths of the cells, along with this also deals with emotional areas of concern. This therapy is profound, unlike anything known, it can diffuse pain and stress quickly and dramatically.  

Dr.Charles Krebs was an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Maryland, with fifteen years teaching and research experience, Charles worked closely with the founder and developer of SlPS, Ian Stubbings during the initial years of SlPS development and co-authored the SIPS 1 and BAP Manuals with Ian.  

Allice Becher can personaly testify, to SIPS’s effectiveness, when a knee injury remarkably recovered after 9 months of limping and pain, After twisting her knee in a fall with no releif, she attended SIPS classes and volunteered to act as a demo during class instruction. She was immediately relieved of pain, and her knee never bothered her again. 


Body Alignment Proprioception Technique (BAP)

Another development of Ian Stubbings and Dr. Charles Krebs, Charles T Krebs PhD was an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Maryland, and Co-Founder of the Kinesiology College for Energetic Sciences in Melbourne, Australia. Together they formed a system of acupressure that is far superior to any other acupressure methods in balancing the system that encompasses, organises and coordinates all our static postural alignement and dynamic movement. Dr Krebs stated that the structural integrity and posture of the body is largely determined by the dynamics of how the cranium sits on the Atlas Vertabra, and are largely determined by the interplay between the TMJ (jaw) and Sphenoid Bone. When all 3 of these planes are in balance the result is structural postural alignment and homeostatic structural integrity. The Feet pressure sensors including the Gait and Cloacal mechanisms also play a role and are included in the integration of the structure.

 Basicaly it is greatly profound in flat lining stress causing pain and disfunction, words do not give it the attention it greatly deserves in dramatically reducing pain, many times immediately and bringing the structure into balance. 


Body Management

Body Management is a Specific protocol of assessment and correction techniques based on sequential procedures. This technique assists in muscular-skeletal realignment, internal organ realignment, lymphatic circuit breakers release, and joint release. Techniques include cold laser cranial realignment, nutritional and environmental support as well as multi-linked acupressure. Body Management founded by Al Berry who studied together with Author of, Chi Nei Tsang: Chi Massage for the Vital Organs, Mantak Chia of Thailand and integrated Kinesiology techniques; re-alignment of body structures with the massaging of organs for the purpose of increasing their function and output and break up stagnancy allowing energy to flow. It will leave you feeling with a wonderful sense of freedom like you have never experienced before. 

Allice  is one of the few that recieved extensive long training and one on one in-clinic training with the next best, Al Berry’s own son Forest Berry and has mastered the sensitive technique to its fullest. Integrating it with SIP’s Kinesiology Allice has perfected it and made the Body Management technique much more paramount and effective. Most other students have only had a  4 day workshop on this method. 


Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP)

An Amazing Form Of Stress and Pain Management the PKP kinesiology program grew originally from Applied Kinesiology (AK) a system using muscle testing as a functional neurological evaluation which itself grew out of chiropractics. Dr Bruce Dewe, a medical doctor for over 30 years and founder of the acclaimed International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice trained in Applied Kinesiology and became interested in the ‘energy’ model of medicine and the effects of thoughts, emotions and spiritual aspirations on human function and structure. So even though he retained (AK) muscle testing and corrections – PKP moved away from AK and the medical only model, to the quantum model of physics and energy. This created the ability to work with the whole person, rather than on just the medical model of an individual.

This system of therapy includes, nutritional aspects, biochemical aspects, structure, structure and function, mental/emotional, energetic-meridian therapy and other energy models, such as Energy Psychology and Energy Psychotherapy; linked with Chinese Medicine and also includes behavioural aspects of a person, including fears, phobias, conflict resolution and specific and amazing protocolos for the structure of the body Visit Our Link On Manual Therapies


Applied Physiology

Powerful system of procedures developed by Richard Utt. One of the key features of AP is the depth and accuracy of its muscle testing procedures and its monitoring techniques which allow direct evaluation of stress in various parts of the nervous system. “Powers of Stress” monitoring has made significant contributions to kinesiology theory. 

The Seven Chi Keys, known as the Crown Jewel of Applied Physiology with a strong emphasis on the nerve plexus (also known as Chakras) and the Chinese Medicine meridian acupressure system, helps to bring the body into energetic balance, and is very centering and grounding. When required this is mainly used at the end of a treatment, or as a corrective energy treatment after using the SIP’s System of kinesiology.  At Kinetica Movements we offer both the Agape Quest model of AP and the 7 Chi Keys.


Nutritional Kinesiology

Based on the work of Dr. Versendal, and taught by Dr. Irene Yaychuck. A truly remarkable technique of isolating nutritional needs to bring the body back into balance. Avoids guessing the need for vitamins, minerals, herbs, and supportive supplements and Isolates stress for allowing deeper assesment to provide the appropriate body technique required to bring us back into  balance when dealing with dis-ease. 

Energetic Kinesiology

The work of Hugo Tobar and the use of tuning fork (sound therapy) to illicit change, in the energy structure of the body. Also deals with various aspects of brain function. 

Educational Kinesiology – Brain Gym

Edu-K was created from the synthesis of Touch for Health, Neurological Organization Techniques, and optometric vision training by Dr. Paul Dennison, an American educator specializing in remedial reading. It focuses on improving the functioning of the nervous system in view of the total person and has a number of techniques to “switch on”: left/right brain integration, the eyes, the ears and whole body co-ordination.

Neural Organization Technique (NOT)

In 1979, Dr. Carl Ferrari, DC, recognized the importance of the survival systems of the body. Feeding, Flight/Fright, Reproduction, and Immune System are primary to survival. Protocols were developed to bring these systems into balance. NOT deals with accidents, head injuries, dyslexia, scoliosis, endocrine and circulation imbalances. 


Other Notable Studies and/or Certification

Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiology 

For Sports Injury and Enhancement, please visit our link>> Sports Kinesiology 


Light Therapy 

For Polychromatic Color light therapy and it’s benefits please visit >>Light therapy   

 NLP Master Practitioner Certification 
NLP has contributed hugely to the specific evaluation through questions to help people clearly define their subjective experience and determine their values, and purpose. NLPoffers a wide array of techniques to help people upgrade their lives and live them on purpose.  Some models of Specialized Kinesiology have adopted NLP techniques into their curriculum as powerful tools for change thus… NLP is a system of tools and skills for developing individual states of excellence. At Kinetica Movements Kinesiology Clinic we honor and respect the growth and freedom of every individual and use the skills and tools of NLP to empower your desired states of excellence and only with your knowledge or upon request.

We hope that NLP enriches your life in the best possible way and….enjoy the freedom that NLP has to offer, through its many tools which can facilitates changing unwanted realities such as phobias, conflict, and unwanted negative states that you as an individual may be challenged by into a more useful state of your desire.

Consider what it would be like:

If you could change your thinking about a particular problem and turn it in to an improvement that benefits you? How about taking any unhelpful thought or attitude and replacing it with a more useful one?


German New Medicine

Dr. med. Mag theol. Tyke Geerd Hamer, was the head internist of a cancer clinic at the UniversityMunich and has contributed the “Five Biological Laws of the New Medicine” to the world. His work has been met with high opposition but has at the same time prevented catastrophic results in the lives of many people who chose to see the benefit of his work. German New Medicine’s scientific findings corroborate many kinesiological findings and is a new (at present outside of the medical model) leading research in areas of cancer, disease and their association with brain lesions. Learn More About 

Hannah Somatics 

The most amazing functional integration exercise with unbelievable results, that strengthens and releases muscle imbalance by the use of a 15 minute proprioceptive movement exercise. At our clinic we use aspects of the exercise as home improvement work, with injuries etc. 

We would be willing to Sponsor the 1 day workshop, so if you are interested we are collecting names. Send us an email and we will contact you, when we sponsor a workshop. 


Orthobionomy was developed over 30 years ago by Arthur Lincoln Pauls, DO. Dr. Pauls combined the structural principles from Osteopathy with energetic and philosophical concepts from the Martial Arts and Homeopathy to create Ortho-Bionomy. We have integrated several aspects of Orthobionomy within our treatments here at KineticaMovements Holistic Paths Clinic


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