Sports Enhancement and Speedy Recovery from Injury

Our Professional Kinesiology Practice is the leader in helping you achieve your goals. We can assist you with speedy recovery from sports injuries, and enhanced sports and health and  fitness performance – mental preparation for competitions, and increased range of motion, flexibility and coordination.

Focused on helping you achieve star quality performance

Why Choose Our Method Of Kinesiology Practice for Healing Your Sports Injury or Enhance Your Fitness and Sports Performance?

Understanding the process of muscle facilitation and inhibition, in our Professional Kinesiology Practice  we use several techniques that work with the Muscle Spindles located in the belly of a muscle (responsible for monitoring the length of a muscle) and Golgi tendon located at the ends of a muscle (responsible for monitoring muscle tension) and also work with the fascia of muscles.  Our techniques are superior to our trade and can aid in speedy recovery and increased range of motion. We aim to facilitate in the release of

Ending the Pain Now!

by dealing with the top muscle imbalances all at one clinic clinic and in the same session. Thats Right!  Five Muscle States that can wreak havoc when not addressed properly


  1. muscle reactivity – coordinated facilitation and inhibition of muscles
  2. sustained use response – repetitive use injury and or increasing stamina
  3. hidden muscle failure – speaks for itselfHypertonic muscle imbalance – hypertonic realease of outstretched muscles; re-sets the proprioception mechanisms in muscle spindles and tendon reflexes that may have been shocked due to injury or over-use
  4. muscle stretch response technique  – myofascial technique to increase your range of motion. Along with these techniques we also use additional kinesiology techniques for balancing the posture. The extras you do when appropriate (nutrition, stretching, toning, excercise) can help the process for amazing results.


Increase Your Mental Performance Too

If requested we offer the added service of helping you prepare mentally for Sports Performance and competition…by aiming to reach the root cause of any limiting thoughts, beliefs and attitudes creating obstacles to your success and with amazing results.


Increase Confidence
Increase Stamina
Increase Range of Motion – just by changing your mental state
But Don’t Take Our Word for it, Apply Now for your first session  and you be the judge for a change, you’ll be happy that you did.


Apply for a class or a workshop
many  star athletes and sports and fitness enthusiasts have benefited by taking  the following workshops  for additional  support outside of our clinic:

K-Power® Kinesiology – Stress Release Made Easy
K-Power® Kinesiology –
New Perceptions in Life and Living
K-Power® Kinesiology – Five Element Fundamentals Psych

K-Power® Kinesiology is a division of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice

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