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Emotional Freedom with ESR

Article written by Dr. Bruce Dewe MD of the
International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice


An Article on How to Relieve Stress

When we experience stress, be it emotionally or physically generated, our bodies go through a series of biochemical changes that vary in intensity depending on the severity of the stress or trauma. One of the effects of stress is the imprinting of a series of negative factors, which seem almost to haunt us.

We may ’forget’ an individual stressful incident but our bio-computer stores the information and remembers the stress every time we encounter a similar situation. The result is a cumulative effect that leads to our being in stress (distress) almost continually.

Emotional freedom with ESR aids in rebalancing our emotions and releasing pent-up mental or emotional energy in a healing and safe way. The physical effects of ESR include a general sense of lightness and relaxation and a lifting of mental fog. Relationships, which are under stress, can be helped immensely. Children respond to ESR quickly and easily. After ESR at times even vision seems clearer and hearing appears to be more acute. Use it often.


When to use ESR

Use ESR whenever you are emotionally stressed. Obtaining emotional freedom with ESR is the same in all situations, whether you are preparing for exams, a job interview, an athletic event, or working on resolving old hurts, recent misunderstandings or anger management.

You can use ESR for past, present and future stress events. The right side brain is timeless it can be used as a kind of ’time-machine’ as you hold your ESR points. As you mentally revisit the past or envision the future while holding the ESR points the brain can de-stress whatever is ‘on-line’.


Where can I do ESR?

ESR can be done anywhere. When sitting at your desk, overwhelmed and bombarded with demands for instant decisions, take a moment for ESR. Put your hands on your forehead (as in the diagram). Let everything flow over you. In a few seconds a priority of importance in the decision making or a clarity of ideas will come. If you are a person who makes lists, now is the time to pick up a pen and make notes as the awarenesses come. You will find the panic, overwhelm and nervousness you felt before have gone. You can move calmly and confidently through your day.

First make an Assessment

Assess your stress level (or your emotional energy towards your ’day’) on a scale of 0 – 10.


Helping yourself with the ESR – Emotional Stress Release Points
  1. Close your eyes and lightly hold/touch your frontal eminences. (On the forehead above the eyes – see the diagram.) Stress relief tips

  2. Focus on the event or problem.

  3. See the details. (Be aware of the colours, sounds, shapes, smells and feelings involved.)

  4. Make it real.

  5. Continue to lightly hold your forehead, breathe and relax. These signs of stress will pass.

  6. Now play the day (or event) as you would like it to happen. Fantasy is OK here.

  7. When your mind starts to wander you know the event is cleared of immediate stress.

Now make a Re-assessment:
  1. Reassess how you feel (or your emotional energy towards your ’day’) on a scale of 0 – 10.

  2. Repeat the process as different aspects of the stress comes to mind. It is okay to do it often.

How does ESR work?

Emotional Freedom with ESR activates special reflexes (called NV points or GB 14 acupuncture points) which bring more blood to the frontal lobes of the brain. Front brain thinking is creative, with new options and new alternatives. When we use the front brain we tend to find new ways of looking at old problems, new possibilities and healing alternative solutions. Back brain thinking is the survival response mode. Here we generate automatic reactions based on the alarm and vigilance responses as well as on past experiences.

The stress chemicals seem to have the effect of reducing front brain / back brain and left brain / right brain integration. This prevents us thinking creatively under stress. Emotional freedom with ESR reverses this process. This has the effect of reducing or erasing the biochemical triggers to the old stress memories and thus relieves stress.

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Energy Boost with Foot Reflex Points

Article written by Dr. Bruce Dewe MD of the
International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice

This is a quick energy boost. If you come in from shopping with tired feet, feel your energy at an all-time low and wish you could get a quick energy boost try the kinesiology technique that Dr Bruce Dewe uses. Simply rub the Walking Gait Reflexes on your feet for yourself and feel your energy rise!

self helpThe special reflexes in the feet associated with walking are called gait reflexes. One of the many factors involved in tiredness could be a disturbance in our walking gait. This is an imbalance in the normal co-ordination of the muscles used in walking. When the synergistic and antagonistic muscles are not working in an integrated, synchronized manner, walking becomes tiring.

Gait reflex imbalance can be related to situations such as: tiredness, uneven shoe-wear, poor co-ordination, brain fog or confusion, dyslexia or learning problems. A Professional Kinesiology Practitioner would also consider metaphysical factors such as: anxiety in terms of stepping out, fear of change, not moving ahead in your life.

Walking is meant to have an energizing, de-stressing and integrating influence on the human body. A brisk walk, even when we are tired, can lift our spirits and can help us to feel refreshed again. Sometimes, however, it doesn’t seem to work. We take a walk or go to the gym but our energy remains low and it requires effort to motivate ourselves. We return more tired than when we started. Rubbing our gait reflexes can provide a much needed lift at times like this.

First assess your energy:

  1. Walk around the room.
  2. Make an assessment of your energy level on a scale of 0 – 10

Rub the Gait Reflexes (between the foot bones)

  1. Look at the diagram (above)  of your Walking Gait Reflexes:
  2. Rub all 6 points with firm pressure (They may be tender).

Now Reassess your energy level:

  1. Walk around the room.
  2. Make a new assessment of your energy level on a scale of 0-10.

Note the energy boost.

Possible causes of gait problems:
Badly-fitting shoes, high heels, walking on uneven surfaces, sports activities, training in inappropriate footwear, especially on hard surfaces.

NB. In doing this simple technique we are not discounting or forgetting important factors like disturbances in leg length, the pelvic bones, lymph flow, the diet or more serious conditions such as anemia. These and other factors like rest, sleep and emotional disturbances at home or work may of course be involved and are always considered by Kinesiologist. Remember; if unexplained tiredness persists see your health professional.

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What Is Fear?

Fear is an emotional response to a perceived threat. It’s been said that Fear is one of a small set of basic or innate emotions which include Joy, Sadness and Anger.

It has been noted that Fear should not be related to the emotional state of Anxiety, which typically happens without any external threat. Fear is related to the specific behaviors of escape and avoidance, where anxiety is the result of threats which are thought to be uncontrollable or unavoidable.

Fear is almost always related to future events, like a problem that is worsening or the continuation of an unacceptable situation. Fear could also be an instant reaction to something that is happening right NOW.

Overcome fear naturally

Emotional Stress Release as described above, can help with the initial cause of Fear, however sometimes is not enough to complete the cycle when fear based emotions are heightened.

A Professional Kinesiology Practitioner can help you overcome fears, phobias, trauma and shock causing anxiety. We even now Employ the NLP Fast Phobia Technique, right here in our office. Apply now for an appointment with Allice Becher, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner >> Contact Allice

Some fears that we commonly assist clients with in our clinic are:


01. Fear of flying
02. Fear of public speaking
03. Fear of heights
04. Fear of the dark
05. Fear of intimacy
06. Fear of death, dying
07. Fear of failure
08. Fear of rejection
09. Fear of spiders
10. Fear of commitment
11. Fear of flowers
12. Fear of driving
13. Fear of dogs

14. Fear of dentists
15. Fear of snakes
16. Fear of needles
17. Fear of being alone

18. Fear of water
19. Fear of falling
20. Fear of change
21. Fear of germs
22. Fear of doctors
23. Fear of crowds
23. Fear of being touched
25. Fear of abandonment


*and many other fears not listed here