K-Power® Elbow Wrist And Hand Protocol Workshop

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Wrist Pain


Prerequisite: both 5 Element Fundamentals,
And Core Muscles
: Up To 9 hours of Instruction


There are so many people today, Suffering with occupationally related disorders, of the Elbow, Wrist and Hand regions.

People rarely ask for help because of “imbalances in their muscle energy”- rather they come complaining of pain, restrictedwrist pain movement, weakness, or a combination of these.The condition may or may not be a result of injury.Frequently they will see another practitioner, who gives them anti-inflamatories and will possibly send them to physiotherapy or massage therapy.The person may have had a poorer response to the treatment than they expected, and now is shopping around for an alternative.

A K-Power®, Specialized Kinesiology Practitioners, job is to evaluate and balance the energy of muscles, using various techniques, proven and tested for years.The practitioner will strengthen and balance, muscle stretch response, sustained muscle use, hidden muscle failures, and reactive muscle responses. The practitioner may also look at mental, emotional and metaphysical aspects, of the imbalance, to incorporate any body mind connections

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without the use of medication


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